If my heels could talk…

Suit Yourself

When your work is feeling stale during the summer months and you’d rather book a vacation than book a new client, the one thing you can switch up is your wardrobe!

Let's refresh, shall we?




(Rosie Thomas of The Londoner)

A full suit may appear to be a funky outfit choice. But don't knock it till you try it. Summer suits are acutely effortless! Patterned suits in particular speak more to the summer season with their whimsical, playful style. There are so many ravishing designs from floral to geometric. I honestly love 'em simply because they're easy to wear. Just throw on a white t-shirt, and some pumps, and you’re set. If you are feeling bold and your workplace is pretty lax on the dress code, try a short suit; if you are feeling incredibly daring try out Rose Thomas’s, (from The Londoner blog), look: she pulls it off buttoned up and sans shirt.

When my eyes get crossed from paging through patterned suits, I relieve them of the deluge of ornamentation and pull up a pic of Blake Lively in her chili pepper red suit and breezy ponytail. If you fear a patterned suit is not in your future, fear not, there are plenty of stunning monochrome suits. Besides, with a solid suit, you can accentuate with a witty graphic tee or a delicately embroidered blouse.


(Blake lively, stylebistro.com)

While some suits can be an expensive purchase, you’ll find yourself coming back eager to wear them again and again. Suits have the convenience and ease of a casual romper: they are statement pieces and they speak for themselves, accessories are usually optional with this outfit, and they are great for formal occasions and informal events (ditch the jacket and sling it over your shoulder!).