5 Instances It’s Ok NOT To Wear Underwear

jennifer-lawrenceWhatever happened to charm school and debutant balls as a right of passage for girls and young ladies aged 8-16? Now they're practically extinct almost everywhere except Texas. They ended with my generation. Charm school taught ladies manners and etiquette such as how to get in and out of a car with their legs closed. Charm school could have saved Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan from a barrage of embarrassing press. This brings me to the 1st of several instances when it's ok not to wear underwear…

1. Commando Chic.

Let's face it, most undies are uncomfortable, which is why lots of ladies sneak into their man's comfy underwear whenever they get a chance. Or better yet, for an excuse to avoid wedgies, and annoying thongs, go commando-chic. Slip into a body slimming body-con dress and ditch those undies altogether! There's nothing more eye catching than catching the eye on panty lines carving into skin when you're trying to look chic and sexy. Imagine the disaster if Jennifer Lawrence exposed a thong under the gorgeous dress above. Don't interrupt the obvious - and allow an air of mystery to exist. Less really is more in this case.

But if you're bold enough to wear a dress like this, please be lady like enough to know how. Charm school taught me – when a lady gets out of a car, she must always keep her knees together - because there's never any excuse to flash. Just swing your knees together and your personal paparazzi will never get a shot! As a celebrity stylist I always make clients remove their underwear unless hidden Spanks are needed to suck em in. You'd be surprised how many commando-chic celebrity coochies walk the red carpet!

2. Under a Swimsuit

Unless you're trying it on in a dressing room – underwear should never be worn under a swimsuit. Oh, by the way, dressing rooms are one of a few places I do wear underwear for proper hygiene. I always wear it whenever I'm trying on clothes.

3. Under Skin Tight Dresses (think Herve Leger) Her-vay Lejay

There's nothing worse than watching a woman wearing a gorgeous tight fitting designer dress, turn around to reveal panty lines. Your panty lines should be your business. If you must, make sure they're invisible seams or Spanks instead. They have a crotch.

4. With Athletic Wear and Low Rise Jeans

Working out is stressful enough. Let your crotch breathe when you exercise and keep panty lines in the locker room. I've never been a supporter of young men wearing jeans sagging low enough to reveal their underwear. If you're a sexy lady who actually wants to be sexy, it's fine to wear low waisted jeans. Just don't accessorize them with your latest designer thong. And leave your butt crack in the bedroom. Which brings me to #5…

5. In the Bedroom

There's a time and place for everything. Keep your drawers on, but know when it's time to take 'em off. It's up to you to decide if you or your partner should remove them.