5 Lessons My 9-Year Old Son Taught Me About Men

stephany1_0945- Laughing NO TextAs we head into Father's Day, I wanted to reveal a little secret for all the fathers who are doing their best to be great Dads and great men.

I'm the single mother of a wonderful 9-year-old son. At 46, I've learned more about men from being his mother than I ever learned throughout decades of dating, marriage, divorce, engagement and breaking off an engagement. It's true.

We talk about everything under the sun. The authenticity with which his boyhood exhibits itself constantly keeps me on my toes as often as he keeps me laughing. I thought I knew everything, but by watching my son's perspective on life -- he doesn't hide anything -- I learn more about the male species.

In his innocence, he breaks it down better than 100 hours of Oprah can. For instance:

Mommy, why are your legs so hairy?

Lesson No. 1: Men like (Click to read full story on CNN.com)

5 Instances When It’s OK To Show Cleavage

1. In the Bedroom

There is nothing sexier and more alluring than gorgeous lingerie with a little mystery. This is the ideal time to show cleavage. But don't reveal your gift until it's time to unwrap the package.

2. With a Second Date Dress

Unfortunately for the past 3 decades, ladies have rarely been taught how to seduce men with the subtle sexiness most of them crave. Less is more in this case, but less can be more in other cases. Whenever you reveal cleavage, there's a fine line between looking sexy, and looking slutty. If you want a 2nd date, show cleavage, but leave enough to the imagination to leave them begging to see more on the 3rd date.

3. Mystery Cleavage: A button down blouse on the 3rd date

Let's say you're getting ready to have cocktails with a guy you like enough to give him a 3rd date. Nothing's wrong with letting a bit of cleavage reveal itself – as if by accident. Stay buttoned up at work, then reveal mystery cleavage later on.

4. Whenever the Garment Calls For It

There's nothing un-sexier than low cut cleavage that's pinned too far up. For example, Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dresses. Be careful not to pin the cleavage too high, or when in question, wear a camisole. If you're not daring enough to wear cleavage, then don't buy anything that requires cleavage. If the shoe fits wear it!

5. When The Designer Says 'Let The Girls loose!

Some tank tops, dresses and blouses are designed to show cleavage on purpose. On rare occasions they're meant to be worn with a camisole. Most of the time fabrics such as chiffon, organza or open cut lace are sheer, which means they were designed to show your boobage and your bra on purpose, like Kim Kardashian's alluring look above. I love a sexy demi-cut red lace bra peaking out from under a sheer black blouse. Mix up the unexpected.